Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fish tanks!

El Hefe the Fahaka puffer all stressed and puffing. nothing in the tank to provoke him so we just figure he's practicing.

sand tank 20 gal 2 fresh water flounder and (temporarily) my betta
filter is an AquaClear 50 power filter (it does a great job on a tank with as little waste as this one)

Puffer tank 40 gal just the one fahaka puffer and a couple peices of malaysian wood.
filter is an Eheim Professional 2222.

community tank 30 gal 2 gourmis, a leopard ctenopoma, 2 pleccos(gibiceps is getting too big though) a black tetra (only remaining fish from my very first set up) a clon loach, a sumo loach, and a malaysian fan shrimp. tank is alos planted with crypts and a few amazon swords. malaysian wood bits as well. filter is an Eheim Classic 2213.

all the tanks are freshwater.

Eheim pro 2222 canister filter

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