Friday, May 22, 2009

new friends

These are my new fish. they are figure 8 puffers {tetraodon biocellatus} they are brackish water puffers. just babies now pretty much, theyre about an inch long {i have 5 in a 20 gallon tank} but they'll grow to about 3-4" within about a year.

they're eating a bloodworm cube here. as you can see they get very fat when they eat and must be watched that they don't get over fed. they also eat snails and shrimp and other small crustations and have to eat these shelled animals to keep their beaks filled down.

they have so much personality and charm. charisma might be the word to use.

the sound might be really really bad, its a video from a small coolpix. appologies

Saturday, May 16, 2009

return of the mighty salmon

I had to paint another salmon. the last one was way too small. the one on the 'delicatessen' peice. this one was alot more fun. i painted over a canvas that had 2 prior "false-starts" underneath. it made the canvas very smooth almost no grain anymore. i might try some paintings on wood in the future. seems like it might be a good change of pace from working on canvas, i could cut out peices as well and shape the wood.

will be up with another painting in the UNLOAD groupshow @ La petite mort gallery in ottawa
june12th 7pm

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


just finished this one today, it took a lot longer than i'd originally thought it would. the wheels were very time consuming. im already working on another right now, redesigning the bike a bit and making improvements. i thought this unusual spoke layout would look better than it does, i thought that the colour changes would sell it better but i see now that it looks a bit lazy, either way its the bike i designed and im sure that it it were ever built it would look great . its based on an old bianchi my dad has from the 70's. i love that colour they used for those bikes, i tried my best. notice i kept the gears on my bike heheh, no trendy "Fixies" 'round here.

22" x 30" acrylic on canvas.