Thursday, April 15, 2010

111 minna gallery

Codependent Enabler 11x14" acrylic on matte board (framed)

Cleaning Crew 12x16" acrylic on canvas

these two along with family wagon are being shipped out to
for a groupshow on may 6th in san francisco


Andy Borehol said...

The bottom canvas is a total JAM! Dig the new colours and the hands are pretty cool.

Graham Robinson said...

Thanks andrew! hahaha or lack of hands hahah i know its a bit lazy but i find im interrested in colour more than the shapes now

Garrett Hanna said...

these are off the chain, G Dawg. Especially digging the top one. Both are sweet though.


Graham Robinson said...

thanks 'gar-zooka' hahaha

Chris Coles said...

Yeah, the Salmon piece is sick especially. That's some next level nature, haha.

Graham Robinson said...

hey chris, thank you man, glad you like it