Thursday, February 7, 2008

people have more fun than anybody

i am terrible at having a blog. i never find the time to post. here is a new peice i did on the computer.

the characters were done with ink and the colours were added using the computer.

i'm trying hard to add more colour to my work i felt like a had a real boring dull pallette before and im trying my best to break away from that and try new colours out, stop being so safe , you know?

the title is taken from a james thurber book of the same name. my dad loves short stories like that or saki or o henry , old hurmor writers, those guys are hillarious. so we always had those books around the house, the title doesnt event really make sense, thats the kind of stuff i like.

to see some very amazing illustration work check out the book the 13 clocks also written by james thurber.