Saturday, May 16, 2009

return of the mighty salmon

I had to paint another salmon. the last one was way too small. the one on the 'delicatessen' peice. this one was alot more fun. i painted over a canvas that had 2 prior "false-starts" underneath. it made the canvas very smooth almost no grain anymore. i might try some paintings on wood in the future. seems like it might be a good change of pace from working on canvas, i could cut out peices as well and shape the wood.

will be up with another painting in the UNLOAD groupshow @ La petite mort gallery in ottawa
june12th 7pm


Garrett Hanna said...

Sick man. I love the highlight on it. Dig those colours too.

Beaston said...

thanks man, im surprised you liked the highlight, it was really "iffy" for me but i didnt want to paint back over so i left it. forced myself to like it hahahah

bryce huffman said...

SO good. The highlight is awesome, he's right. It gives it a bolder graphic look. It also kind of gives the skin a transparent look somehow? Good job.

robin said...

sooo good!