Friday, May 22, 2009

new friends

These are my new fish. they are figure 8 puffers {tetraodon biocellatus} they are brackish water puffers. just babies now pretty much, theyre about an inch long {i have 5 in a 20 gallon tank} but they'll grow to about 3-4" within about a year.

they're eating a bloodworm cube here. as you can see they get very fat when they eat and must be watched that they don't get over fed. they also eat snails and shrimp and other small crustations and have to eat these shelled animals to keep their beaks filled down.

they have so much personality and charm. charisma might be the word to use.

the sound might be really really bad, its a video from a small coolpix. appologies


Charles said...

haha dude, they're awesome. They remind me of a pack of mischievous puppies.

Beaston said...

hahahah its funny man, theyre like babies, they just put everything in their mouth.

Chris Coles said...

Those things are cool! Do they have smiley faces when they puff up?

Beaston said...

well these little guys don't puff up as far as i know, not like the marine puffers anyways. when they eat a lot they get really fat bellies but no classic "puffed up puffer" pose as far as i know.

bigger freshwater ones like the MBU can puff up. but those guys need a BIG tank.