Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Upcoming: Graham Robinson - Strange Things Done In The Midnight Sun

Running concurrently in the project gallery, a solo exhibition by Graham Robinson.

Robinson takes his artistic inspiration from classic scenes of Canadiana. An avid adventurer, his paintings and illustrations are inspired by his travels across Northern Canada. Robinson works with a skewed and somewhat surreal approach to memories past where wanigans, barrels, canoes, and paddles all appear in familiar yet fictitious stages. His work often contains fable like narratives which reflect on the solidarity of the human psyche and consider the fragile state of our natural environment.

Graham Robinson was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1987. He is currently enrolled at the Ontario College of Art and Design and has exhibited his work in galleries across North America since the age of 17.

Graham Robinson "Follow What I Say, Not What I've Done", Acrylic On Canvas, 24" x 18", 2010

Graham Robinson
Strange Things Done In The Midnight Sun
October 7th - October 31st 2010

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