Thursday, December 3, 2009

Coureur Des Bois

"Coureur Des Bois: Centre Flip" 20x24" Acrylic on canvas.
"Coureur Des Bois: Wanigan" 20x24" Acrylic on canvas.

These Two will be up at Show & Tell Gallery in Toronto from December 12th till January 29th
check out the ad in this month's Juxtapoz to see what one of my paintings looks like just a tiny bit bigger than a postage stamp.


bryce huffman said...

Yup, these are both awesome. Good job

Pascale Arpin said...

DUDE! These are SO GOOD! I can't get over the smoke from putting out the fire... genius!

Beaston said...

thanks guys, appreciate it

onĂ­rica said...