Thursday, February 7, 2008

people have more fun than anybody

i am terrible at having a blog. i never find the time to post. here is a new peice i did on the computer.

the characters were done with ink and the colours were added using the computer.

i'm trying hard to add more colour to my work i felt like a had a real boring dull pallette before and im trying my best to break away from that and try new colours out, stop being so safe , you know?

the title is taken from a james thurber book of the same name. my dad loves short stories like that or saki or o henry , old hurmor writers, those guys are hillarious. so we always had those books around the house, the title doesnt event really make sense, thats the kind of stuff i like.

to see some very amazing illustration work check out the book the 13 clocks also written by james thurber.


Nimit Malavia said...

funny that you mentioned the colours, cause their just Bangarang!
this looks awesome buddy!

I really like this piece alot, it has a crisp and sophisticated quality to it. Keep it up boss!

Beaston said...

thank ya doctor! hey congrats on all your amazing work i saw up at school, i dont think i talked to you about it yet, top notch man!

Diantres said...

hi Beaston!

Nice works, i really need to update my blog too.

i subscribe this blog to my Google Reader's Feeds.
An i will put you in my large list of illlustrators in my blog.

see ya!

Beaston said...

thanks man, much appreciated, youre got some amazing work too, i saw your stuff on deviantart as well.


Boris said...

Nice man, I really like it! I know what you mean with the colours, I think i'm the same a bit. But this is pimpin.

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ambird said...

ooohh this is awesome