Thursday, September 27, 2007


This is my work area right now. A couple of coffee tables in my livingroom.

I work alot in front of the tv, it seems like itd be distracting but I really like the background noise. As you can see there's not a whole lot of materials I use. one brush and some scraps of paper or old pop cans to put my ink on, and thats pretty much it. Pencils and pen nibs i guess, and all my paints which are put away because im not doing any painting right now.


Joel Kimmel said...

Man, you gotta invest in a drafting table and some glass jars!

Beaston said...

hahah, yeah but i cant see the tv over a drafing table. and i need a flat surfcace for the ink, no dipping for me.

Anonymous said...

can i ask what ink and you use ?

cause i am trying new things besides the same old edding and posca markers.

and i like the look of your lines

Beaston said...

for sure, i use daler rowney FW acrylic ink, thanks.